We are pleased to announce our December Solo Exhibition :

Bedri Baykam"VISUAL ADVENTURES (Dimensions + Time)"

Exhibition Dates: December 7th - December 30th, 2019

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 7th from 6pm - 10pm.

Art Walk: Thursday December 12th from 6pm - 10pm

"VISUAL ADVENTURES"  features the artwork of internationally renowned, Turkish multidisciplinary artist Bedri Baykam. 

A first generation Neo-Expressionist, Baykam, a leading figure in political art and activism, who has long been fighting for non-western artists' rights, launches his first Los Angeles solo show at Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts.

Central to the exhibit are his lenticular works, labeled 4Ds (three D + time factor), alongside recent canvasses, as well as one of his groundbreaking "EmptyFrames", launched in 2013 as an answer to several generations of "ready-made" artists. 

“Visual Adventures” is Baykam's 141st international solo exhibition.

Marking its US debut, Baykam reveals his "Art History Map" at GDCA, (launched in Turkey this April). Baykam's map achieves an extraordinary feat, comprising all art movements and artists from Renaissance until today.

Baykam is World President of the International Art Associations/IAA (Official Partner of UNESCO), and instigator of "World Art Day" (April 15). After Baykam's proposal, World Art Day has now become one of the "International Days" marked officially by UNESCO.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our beloved founder and dear friend, Gloria Delson.

Gloria has been visionary in every chapter of her life. 

An award-winning sculptor in her own right, she was an avid collector, setting herself apart in her ability to spot raw talent.

As an art dealer she discovered, mentored and nurtured countless artists, many of whom became close & devoted friends.

Gloria was fearless. She exemplified spirit, sophistication and class, while being absolutely real and 100 % authentic.

One of her most defining traits was her genuine and infinite curiosity. Gloria loved people; people were her drug.

She was a humanist in the truest sense of the word. Fiercely liberal, she had a huge heart, a quick wit and a raucous sense of humor.

She was a modern woman, ahead of her time, fighting in the front lines of the women’s lib movement and speaking out against injustice wherever she encountered it. 

She always believed in the best in people and lifted them up, so they may believe in themselves.

She was a deeply loyal friend, generous to a fault. Her door was always open, her ear was always yours.

A connoisseur of art, food, wine, literature and politics, she equally valued the simple pleasures – every day, no matter what – work ceased, to observe the sunset.

She possessed an inherent wisdom that recognized and cherished what mattered most in life. 

She personified the term “aging gracefully”; taking adversity in stride, adjusting with patience and dignity.

She was a mentor, a mother, a teacher, a friend – a shining light on my firmament.

Rest in peace, glorious soul. The world is better for your fingerprints.